Economic Outlook for 2018: positive expectations for various sectors

After several months of waiting, an economic upswing is expected for 2018. In fact, economists spot positive signals despite the pessimistic outlook of some concerning the reliability of the government’s aim of achieving a dramatic economic development.  However, statistics do not lie, 2018 will be a much more productive year than the previous ones. At the end of 2017, we are able to conclude how fruitful some economic sectors have been. In fact, the construction sector exceeded expectations in 2017 with an increase of 7.5%. A growth of 10% is expected in 2018.


Tourism and financial services are two other sectors that are doing relatively well according to economists. They are confident of their performance in 2018. According to the analysis of the Bank of Mauritius (BoM), a growth of 4.2% is expected in 2018. It will be boosted by many factors including a conciliatory monetary policy and favorable market conditions, among others.

Good economic performance

The figures show a possible resurgence in various economic sectors of Mauritius in 2018. Growth will exceed expectations. This is indeed the point of view of many economists and observers by comparing the evolution of statistics collected over the past five years. Several large-scale projects will be undertaken by the government. They will definitely have a positive impact on the economy.


In addition, the Mauritian authorities have introduced measures such as the leveling of basic wages that will also inject money into the economy. More money means more expenses and more business activities in the country. According to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, consumption growth is expected. The general elections are scheduled for 2019 and there is no doubt that the government will review its policy especially regarding the implementation of its electoral program. However, while waiting to take advantage of the long-awaited economic stimulus since the last elections, transport expenses will weigh on the Mauritians’ budget following the rise in the price of gasoline and diesel