Evaco at Champ de Mars: an event not to be missed

Horse racing is now national leisure in Mauritius. This sport often goes along with a festive mood and conviviality. For the upcoming horse-racing season starting in March, the Evaco Group is proud to sponsor a racing-day. Karen Angus, director of Evaco Property, looks back on this long-awaited event.

For more than 200 years, horse racing has been the most popular sport activity in Mauritius. Several thousand Mauritians never miss the lively atmosphere of the Champ de Mars. Horse racing is not just about money betting, it’s a sport rooted in Mauritian culture. “At Evaco, we are convinced that sport is a rallying point and a vector of strong values such as self-improvement, respect for opponents, and fair play.¬†We are proud to have supported and support organizations dedicated to the well-being and promotion of the Mauritian culture. All eyes are now turned on the 6th race day to be held on April 14 at the Champ de Mars, “says Karen Angus.

Real estate, a highly demanding sector

Karen Angus

During this racing day, our fellow citizens from across the island will have the opportunity to meet our team and learn more about our real estate projects,” said the director of Evaco Property.

According to surveys carried-out by the Mauritius Statistics, more and more Mauritians are investing in real estate. This trend will continue to be relevant over the next five years. “To meet this demand, the Evaco Group is innovating and offering modern and affordable real estate products.”