Evaco Group, in tune with the times

Founded in 2001, the Evaco Group has developed its strategy and has grown by diversifying and increasing its production capacity. Discover the path of this company that revolutionizes the Mauritian real estate market with an international vision.

Evaco is specialized in the real estate development since 2001. The group has added to its list of accomplishments numerous projects such as high-end residential complexes: Oasis, Athena, Clos du Littoral and recently unveiled, Secret Private Villa Resort ¾ a prestigious resort made up of individual and private villas with a smart integration of latest technology.

Alexandre de Saint Pern, Evaco Group’s Chief Operating Officer

After the commercial success encountered by these real estate projects, Evaco diversified its activities into construction, contracting, manufacturing, logistics, procurement and hotel management. A diversification that has greatly contributed to its growth and expansion.

 Since mid-2018, Evaco has reorganized its services to better meet the requirements of the luxury real estate market in Mauritius which is constantly expanding. According to Alexandre de Saint Pern, Evaco Group’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), the reorganization is an important step in the expansion of a company. “From a small real estate development company, the Evaco group has diversified into different trades. It’s a proven fact that the scope of a business management depends on the size of the business and the industry in which it operates. In my opinion, it was high time to reorganize the group’s structure in order to facilitate its growth and international expansion“, explains the COO.

The Evaco group has set up new guidelines which are shared by all its stakeholders

 The Evaco group is divided into three main clusters which are then subdivided into separate companies. The three clusters are Construction / Contracting & Manufacturing, Property & Services and Leisure & Hospitality. These clusters comprise of independent companies such as Fairstone Construction Ltd, Fineline Manufacturing & Contracting, IDEA, among others. The Evaco group has upgraded its strategies for greater fluidity in the managing process of these clusters.  “My role is to enable each cluster to operate in a consistent and autonomous way. In fact, every team leader can take operational and organizational decisions “, argues Alexandre de Saint Pern.

Management by values

The Evaco group has set up new guidelines which are shared by all its stakeholders. The purpose of this approach is to give greater meaning of the work of all staff while strengthening commitment and cohesion. These new guidelines are based on five corporate values namely, humility, trust, resilience, courage, and excellence. “These core values are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect what the Evaco group values. They are the essence of the company’s identity – the principles, beliefs and philosophy. They are used as a lever to raise its level to international standards through individual and collective empowerment, team spirit, trust in the company’s history and confidence in the mission assigned to each employee”, says the COO.   According to Alexandre de Saint Pern, the confidence in the history and philosophy of Evaco must be the leitmotiv that advances the group. “Our vision is to continue to diversify and expand our operations beyond the borders of Mauritius. To achieve this goal, everyone must play their role and assume their duties according to a well-defined strategic plan”.

The leaders’ point of view:

 As part of the reorganization of the Evaco Group structure, the role of each leader is no longer to command and order but to lead his team towards the achievement of organizational and personal objectives based on the aforementioned values ​​and respect.

Christophe Masson
Christophe Masson, General Manager, Fineline  Ltd
 “Everyone knows what to do and how to do it”

“The reorganization exercise has allowed each cluster to better understand its role. Thus, the objectives and outlooks are well defined. Everyone knows what to do and how to do it. At the same time, employees are reinforcing their sense of belonging to the group and this can only be beneficial for the group as a whole. With more autonomy, we participate actively in decision-making. We can be creative in organizing meetings for work planning. In my opinion, the Evaco group will continue to grow. This is the place to be! “.

Bruce Mitton
Bruce Mitton, Senior Quantity Surveyor, I.D.E.A Ltd 
“We do our job in a more holistic way”

“The perspectives of our department have changed since the beginning of the reorganization process. We are now ready to take on new challenges. With the reorganization of different sectors of the group, we do our job in a more holistic way. The Evaco Group is a dynamic company and uses state-of-the-art construction techniques. The group continues to develop by responding to internal needs with efficiency and professionalism.

Karen Angus
Karen Angus, Group Sales and Marketing Director
 “To establish clear and dynamic development strategies”

 “The group is developing rapidly and we are working towards significant growth throughout the international market. It was therefore important to reorganize or develop certain entities differently in order to optimize skills and enhance the company’s strengths. One of the major improvements is a better interaction between each department by regularly communicating our constraints or our successes. I am therefore keen to work closely with my colleagues to establish clear and dynamic development strategies. The reorganization also means putting in place complementary tools to improve productivity and competitiveness. The Evaco adventure is just beginning, we still have lots of things to build together. Each of us brings a stone to the building, this promising future will be made only thanks to the cohesion of our teams “.

Christophe Margéot
Christophe Margéot, Head of Procurement & Logistics, Prolog Ltd 
“The different clusters operate independently” 

“The goal of the reorganization is to make each work team efficient by using a set of technical and organizational factors adapted to each activity. The managerial and relational factor played a decisive role in the reorganization process. As a result, the different sectors operate independently and this autonomy can only be beneficial for the entire group. “

Lauriane Pallany
Lauriane Pallany, Group Head of Human Resources
“We have learned to adapt to the new vision”

“The HR Department initially had purely operational functions with the focus being put on pressing organisational requirements such as recruitment. We had been facing the huge challenge of bringing more than 300 expatriate workers in Mauritius within a limited time frame and the previous structure of the department did not then permit us to provide other HR services that are usually bestowed in other companies. The work’s organisation is currently undergoing several changes within the HR Department so as to accommodate the new vision & objectives of the Evaco Group and to ensure that the services offered to internal customers are at an optimum level. We have launched several initiatives such as a monthly gathering for all companies whereby all the personnel meet up on the last Friday of each month, the upcoming participation of employees to national sports events, the finalisation of HR related processes to optimise the employment conditions. And there are more exciting initiatives that are yet to come!”

Mouez Rayabi
Mouez Rayabi, Managing Director, Evaco Holiday Resort Ltd.
“Making decisions more easily and with more confidence”

“The reorganization of the Evaco Group has resulted in greater synergy between the different clusters and more freedom in the implementation of EHR’s annual budget. At management level, we have more responsibilities inherent to our positions, including banking transactions, among others. Personally my duties are still the same with however more sharing of knowledge and know-how. It allows me to make decisions more easily and with more confidence. Regarding the future of Evaco, the group remains one of the best ranked companies and where it is good to live and work.

Antoinette Perrine
Antoinette Perrine, Group Financial Controller
“Each player know and understand their role”

“The role of the Finance department is moving from a mere payment processor to a prime role in the implementation of activity-based segmentation of the Group. The focus is now on the accountability of the different business units and this has been concretized by the implementation of the approval matrix where the responsible parties are now deciders based of course on defined parameters. We are all aware of the objectives, needs, limits, impact and constraints faced by each and every player of the game but focusing as a Team. This changes the focus from a “we and the others” to only “we”. The parameters set allow each player to know and understand their individual role in the organisation and this allows the players ease of action. The role of each employee has been clearly defined within the business unit”.

Luke Maurel
Luke Maurel, General Manager, Fairstone  Ltd   
 “Improve the cohesion between the different clusters”

Task ownership and accountability, along with streamlined processes and procedures, have led to the company functioning more efficiently and effectively. Communication platforms have opened up to improve the cohesion between the different clusters in the group, which has given everyone the opportunity to address key constraints and mitigate major risks. Albeit a work in progress, the momentum of being reactive is shifting to that of being proactive. This is largely due to a great team effort from the management, supervisory and support staff in Fairstone. This has had an impact on the planning and prioritising of key tasks and we are celebrating the small victories along the way.