Interior design: Evaco’s unique signature

Interior design is the art of enhancing interiors to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment. The interior design plans, researches, coordinates and manages such projects. The job of an interior designer consists of playing with colours, light and spaces. It is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections and construction management, amongst others. Interior design is the cornerstone of all the real estate projects conceptualised by Evaco. The group aims at offering high-end properties with architecture that features a sense of individuality and comfort while accommodating environmental needs.

Clos du Littoral

Since its creation in 2001, Evaco has managed to build a solid reputation in the real estate market. The group is now a benchmark for quality, aesthetics and authenticity. Evaco stands out of the crowd with a vigilant stand when it comes to quality. The group has issued a unique commercial signature building a reputation for dynamism. Melissa Jullien-Palletier and Marine Julian, interior designers at Evaco give us their little secrets so far well-guarded. Fairies of the home that sublimate the real estate creations of Evaco with a touch of style.

Domaine des Alizées

Simplicity is our strength

The villas, apartments and penthouses built by the Evaco group have their own style and approach. First of all, the style is adapted to the targeted customers and region where the property is built. Evaco’s style is defined by visual harmony and well-optimized spaces to make life easier for future residents. “The choices made for each project aim the best in design which allows intimate comfort in a contemporary and modern design to offer customers a pleasant and functional living space. Future buyers can feel at home from the moment they first enter the villa, “explains Mélissa Jullien-Palletier.

Marine Jullian and Mélissa Julien-Palletier

The “WOW” effect guaranteed

Evaco has its own style. The architects aim at preserving the authenticity of each property while keeping the unique signature of Evaco. “We can recognize an Evaco project through the quality of the details and the careful selection of materials, furniture and various decorative objects. If the style is different for each project, for example the dark wood at the Domaine des Alizées against the light wood in the Clos du Littoral, the focus is always on the enhancement of the elements, “says the interior designer. Evaco’s designers attach great importance to natural light optimisation. Special attention is paid to the use of spaces and decorative objects or furniture. The result must be both elegant and harmonious with signature of Evaco. To achieve such a result, interior designers must be on the lookout for new trends.