Foreign investors in Mauritius: Where do they come from?

Statistics on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) have shown a steady increase since 2016. Indeed, according to economic analysts, this type of investment has increased by 41% compared to 2015. In addition, FDI generated more than 13, 648 billion rupees in 2016 against 9.677 billion in 2015. Report.

Mauritius is a popular destination not only for its beautiful sandy beaches but also for the different frameworks set by the authorities to encourage investment. The Mauritian economy, which once depended to a large extent on sugar production, is putting every effort to attract foreign investors. In fact, the Mauritian government has introduced a set of investment schemes including the Real Estate Scheme (RES) and the Property Development Scheme (PDS), amongst others.


According to a recent survey, the real estate and financial sectors attract more foreign investors in Mauritius. These sectors are the main beneficiaries of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The Mauritian real estate market has been growing steadily over the last few decades. The statistics indicate that the real estate activities have generated more than 9.9 billion rupees in 2016. The IRS / RES / IHS programs represent 7.4 billion rupees. In the financial services sector, a turnover of Rs 2.2 billion was recorded. The manufacturing sector which was once a pillar of the Mauritian economy, benefited only 511 million rupees. It should be noted that the Mauritian real estate sector attracts more investors as compared to other sectors. Where do they come from?

France retains its number one position

Foreign direct investment (FDI) mainly comes from developing countries. This represents an investment of 6.46 billion rupees against 3.34 billion rupees in 2015. However, the statistics show that France is still the main source of investment in Mauritius. Indeed, French investors make a massive contribution to FDI, more than 4.5 billion rupees. Mauritius also attracts many Chinese and South African investors. Besides, it is to be noted that investors from the United Arab Emirates contributed 1 billion rupees to the FDI in 2016.


For the first half of 2017, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) reached 2 billion rupees. The real estate market recovered more than 92% of this amount with a foreign investment of 1,873 million rupees. Real estate activities under the Real Estate Scheme (RES), the Integrated Hotel Scheme (IHS) and the Property Development Scheme (PDS) generated more than 1.240 million rupees. The foreign investors who engage in real estate activities come mainly from France, South Africa and the United Kingdom. There are also several investors from European Union countries including Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland. Americans, Canadians and Chinese are also interested in the investment frameworks set by the Mauritian government.