Guest relations management: the first impression must be the good one!

The Guest Relations manager is in charge of maintaining a good communication line between the guests and the hotel. He demonstrates the highest level of courteous and efficient service and that customers enjoy every minute of their journey. Jean Paul Bazerque, Guest relations officer at Evaco Holidays showcases the various aspects of this demanding job.

The role of a Guest relations manager in the hospitality sector meets a growing demand for quality service in high-end establishments. His duty is to ensure that the clients received a warm welcome and enjoy every minute of their journey. Its ultimate goal is to retain customers and ensure their follow-up, comfort and well-being before, during and after their stay. In short, the Guest relations manager must ensure that the first impression of the customer is always the right one.

Jean Paul Bazerque

Jean Paul Bazerque joined the Evaco Holidays team in early 2017. He collaborates with the various teams including maintenance, housekeeping and booking. “This is a profession that encompasses several fields to welcome customers, facilitate their stay and especially meet their demands. The Guest relations manager must maintain a positive interaction during and after the customers’ stay. We must be constantly listening, recording requests and proposing appropriate solutions, “he explains.

The function of the Guest Relations manager requires a good knowledge of all the services proposed by the hotel in to propose appropriate solutions at the right time and the right place. “To welcome a customer, it is essential to have all the relevant information. There is a lot of preparation and anticipation work. We want the customer to feel at home with personalized services. Our role is to take care of certain administrative tasks such as the management of customer returns, whether positive or negative “.

A special relationship with customers

The Guest Relations manager maintains a very privileged relationship with clients. “The first impression is certainly the good one but it must not fade during the stay. It is for this reason that the relational side is essential in this field. You have to love people and be passionate about the job. It is true that the requests are sometimes difficult to satisfy but we cannot afford to tell the clients that we are unable to help them. We must come up with alternatives,” says Jean Paul Bazerque.

The prerequisites of the job: years of experience in the hospitality industry, a lot of feeling, the habit of being in contact with customers and the ability to handle problems. “The Guest relations manager must master one or more foreign languages. Listening, diplomacy, responsiveness and flexibility are also musts of the profession. You also need to know your country, especially the region where the hotel is located, to keep abreast of events so that you can meet customer requirements“.

The high-end services of Evaco Holidays

Evaco Holidays offers services in various fields of expertise such as hotels, customer service and rental management, among others. Evaco Holidays contributes to the achievement of the Evaco group’s strategy and the improvement of its operational performance. Both manager and operator, this sector has a specialized expertise in the hospitality industry. The skills of the teams at the operational and commercial management levels maximize the group’s performance in the market.

Solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of the clientele are offered through a varied offer and an à la carte service. Evaco Holidays deals with the rental management of properties such as the Domaine des Alizées, Clos du Littoral, Athena and Oasis. These are high-end residential complexes consisting of apartments or luxury villas. The Evaco Group’s properties are located on the north coast in the surrounding areas of Grand Bay.