Investing in the real estate in Mauritius: what you need to know 

Investing in real estate has become increasingly popular. This market has plenty of opportunities for making big gains. The money invested must be assessed on the basis of availability, safety and cost-effectiveness. For the investment to be profitable, some important steps should be followed. The investors should carefully and strategically chose the location which remains the most important factor for profitability in real estate investment. Proximity to amenities, scenic views and other attractions are major factors to add value to residential property. It is important to know that a good real estate investment is characterized above all by a good project and requires a real investment of time.  Whatever your investment goals, the acquisition of a property must above all meet your needs.



Investing in real estate in Mauritius

The Mauritian real estate sector is booming and ensures its position as the most attractive sector of the economy in terms of investment. New concepts are created, prestigious services are offered and architecture is getting more and more sophisticated.  Owners and other real estate administrators work together to better position themselves in this booming market while promoting the exploitation and optimization of property management. Some projects respond to a concrete demand when others are simply abstract. Prices have risen sharply in some regions, including the west and center.



Redeployment of agricultural lands

While the market for commercial complexes is booming, other outcomes are finding more and more takers. These are well-designed agricultural lands in areas that tomorrow will probably become beautiful residential territories, high-quality parcels of land, residences with high-end villas and guard services, residential buildings, secure apartments, offering services such as swimming pools, car parks and gyms.


After the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) and the Real Estate Scheme (RES), there are other opportunities like the Integrated Hotel Scheme (IHS). Now it will be necessary to adapt with this device. These are totally different real estate products. The IHS is aimed at investors looking for an interesting source on their investment. The RES and the IRS are addressed mainly to all those who have chosen Mauritius as a place of permanent or occasional residence, whether retired or active.