Kalyani Coonbeeharry: guarantor of cleanliness at Evaco

Kalyani Coonbeeharry is assigned with the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining the Evaco Head Office at Arsenal. Apart from cleaning which is her main task, she also performs some periodic duties such as waxing the floors and other duties as and when required.

As a janitor, Kalyani Coonbeeharry plays an important role in Evaco. Her job description entails cleaning the outdoors and indoors of the building. She is also tasked with the responsibility of inspecting the office and fixing some minor issues. She also ensures that the hygiene standards are respected throughout the premises. This is a key role which is often accompanied by rigorous planning.

Kalyani Coonbeeharry is an employee of Evaco since 2017. She is among the first people to arrive at the group’s headquarters in Arsenal. Her responsibility: to keep the office clean. She must strictly comply with the planned cleaning schedule, protocols and disinfection procedures. “To do this job, you must have rigor, be well organized and above all follow the instructions. We are expected to perform our daily duties regularly and this is why consistency is key skills for a janitor. Endurance is also required as we are frequently asked to lift heavy loads and bend or stand for long periods while carrying out cleaning and maintenance tasks”, she explains.

The janitor pays particular attention to safety. “Security is very important and we cannot ignore the guidelines and instructions. Janitors wear relevant protections for handling cleaning products and may use machines such as vacuum cleaners, brushes or polishers, among others. “

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Kalyani Coonbeeharry

Kalyani Coonbeeharry joined the Evaco group in 2016. She followed various training courses in the hotel industry before joining the group as a surface technician. Mother of two, Kalyani Coonbeeharry argues that patience is the order of the day. “In Evaco, I learned to be rigorous in my work because the company is very demanding especially with respect to the respect of hygiene standards. We have four technicians to take care of the cleaning of the office and common areas – so that the work is done on time, it is important to follow the instructions, “she says.