Mauritius: a dynamic platform for investment in the real estate

Over the years, Mauritius has become a dynamic platform in terms of real estate investments. The country is deemed as a safe, reliable and secure place to invest. Foreigners are conquered by the beautiful lagoons, the paradisiacal beaches and the leisure activities and the genuine hospitality of its people.


In fact, the foreign investors are usually endowed with a wide range of benefits. The government of Mauritius has brought forward several schemes that aim to promote investment, particularly in the real estate. By owning a property in Mauritius, the foreigners take advantage of a very high standard of living in a politically stable country. As far as investment is concerned, the country’s strong reputation makes it a reference.


The investment schemes

Several residential development projects have been undertaken during the past decades; the wealthy investors are the main target. These projects have greatly boosted the local economy. The Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), the Real Estate Scheme (RES) and the Invest Hotel Scheme (IHS) have been implemented by the government to encourage direct investment in the real estate sector. These investment schemes clarify and simply the administrative procedures for the acquisition of a property such as an apartment or a luxurious villa by foreigners. They benefit from a wide range of advantages including some tax exemptions. Moreover, by investing through the IRS, RES and IHS, the foreign investor as well as members of his family are entitled to a permanent residential permit.

Domaine des Alizées by Evaco

Highest standards of quality

All the residential projects implemented through these investment schemes are vetted by the government to ensure that highest standards of quality are observed by the promoters. Various projects have been undertaken by the Evaco Group over the past years, with a wide choice of villas and luxurious apartments.

Investors can secure a good return on investment when not personally enjoying their purchase by putting the property on lease. For instance, Evaco Group has created Evaco Holiday Resorts Ltd to cater for the management of such properties with a mutually benefiting professional collaboration.