Mauritius real estate: the resale market at a glance

The time to think about the resale value of your real estate property is the day you buy it. In fact, if you buy a house, a villa or an apartment with a good resale value, it should be fairly easy to sell if and when that time comes. In Mauritius, the real estate resale market is booming constantly. Home buyers who consider reselling their properties should take into account some important factors at the time of purchase. They should invest their money in an ideally located property with an added value on resale. Moreover, it may be interesting to watch out for adverts concerning IRS, RES or PDS properties for resale. These real estate products target mainly foreign investors with strong purchasing power.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Mauritius showcases a wide range of freehold properties such as houses, apartments and villas with good resale value. The buyer must ensure that the property has a good quality / price ratio, a strategic geographical position. Mauritius is a highly prized destination for real estate investment. The island has an exceptional economic background that encourages foreigners to invest in real estate. From an economic, political and social point of view, Mauritius portrays a perfect stability, which is a key element for business, especially for investors seeking long-term visibility. The diversity of key sectors of the economy such as industry, real estate opens many doors for real estate investors. Moreover, Mauritius is known for its very attractive taxation, with a tax bracket of 15% on corporate profits and personal income, as well as tax exemptions on capital gains, on wealth, and heritage.


Investment opportunities

Acquiring a house, a villa or an apartment in Mauritius generates great investment opportunities. Indeed, the environment is highly favourable for a real estate investment. Mauritius is a real paradise for tourists and has many assets which place the country among the most performing economies in Africa. In addition, Mauritius has signed double taxation treaties with more than 30 countries.