Mauritius: $ 1.88 billion as tourism revenues in 2017

According to the economic indicators in 2017, the Mauritian tourism market is in good shape. In fact, the tourism revenues for the last season were $ 1.88 billion. This figure represents an increase of 8%, a remarkable performance even if the tourist arrivals forecasts for this period have not been reached.

The revenues exceeded expectations. Initial forecasts were around $ 46.9m. Following the decline in tourist arrivals, the main players in this sector feared the worst. However, these performances were achieved while Mauritius received fewer tourists than expected. The Mauritian authorities forecast the arrival of 1.36 million tourists and arrivals show a difference of 2 million. Tourism revenues were higher in the last quarter of 2017. During this period, $ 567 million were obtained showing an increase of 9.1% as compared to the last quarter of 2016. The stakeholders express positive expectations for 2018. According to the Mauritian authorities, tourist arrivals are expected to reach $ 1.43 million with revenues up to $ 1.925 billion.

A touristic destination prized by the British

Other information to remember about the performance of the tourism market of Mauritius is the increase in demand in the UK market. Indeed, according to the outcome of the World Travel Market 2017, a world fair highly anticipated by the actors of the tourism sector held in London, Mauritius is prized by the British. The country has been ranked among the Best Beach Destination for its beautiful beaches. Moreover, Mauritius is now among the top 10 countries of the Best In Travel 2018, just as Chile, Portugal and New Zealand, among others.

According to the Mauritian authorities, the tourist market is getting better and better. The demand for Mauritius continues to climb thanks to the various promotional actions carried out on the British market. Indeed, the Ministry of Tourism with the collaboration of various partners of the sector launched several campaigns on CNN and BBC. The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) is also conducting a joint campaign with Taylor Morris, a prestigious British sunglasses brand.