The real estate sector at the heart of the digital revolution

This is a fact that no one can deny. Technology has indeed changed our way of life. In every area, digitalisation is now a priority. The professionals working in this sector are highly ingenious while using tools with innovative features.  Many real estate agencies use efficient websites that allow users to visit the properties on sale virtually. The new technologies optimise the customer’s experience. In some agencies, visits and real estate transactions are done from a smartphone.

The digitalisation of the real estate sector has enabled many agencies to offer new services to their clients. While positioning themselves at the forefront of innovation, these agencies offer enhanced customer services. They have a greater responsiveness and transparency and allow their customers to immerse themselves in the properties. In the next few years, it is very likely that we will have access to even more innovative features. But in the meantime, we offer an overview of the digital revolution in the real estate sector.

Clients always come first

Geolocation is definitely revolutionising the real estate sector. This sophisticated tool is widespread in Europe. It enables the customers to visualize the properties available for sale on a map and get additional information. With the geolocation tool, the customers can visualise the different access routes and the other aspects of the properties. Moreover, the real estate ads are more accurate.

Ten years ago, many of us would have described drones, virtual reality and 360-degree photos as science fiction. We are talking about tools that are now used by real estate agencies. They offer virtual tours that optimize the time of future purchasers. Photo as a medium of communication is not a novelty, would you say? You’re right! However, the photo techniques are changing. The 360 ​​° allows a virtual immersion in the real estate product [apartment, villa, duplex, amongst others]. The customers can freely navigate in each and every rooms of the property, without moving!

Aerial shot by drone

In a market as competitive as the real estate, the aerial shot by drone has become a must. The photographs taken by the drones are tools that increase sales force effectiveness.  In the past, real estate agencies had to seek very expensive means such as helicopter or airplane over flight to obtain such results.

Now accessible to everyone even if the use is sometimes regulated, drones are very effective to obtain a complete panorama of the building and its orientation. The videos or photographs produced by the drones highlight in a seductive way the strengths of the property and improve the chances of realizing the sale.

Social networks and real estate

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, social medias have made their way into the toolbox of real estate agencies. A study was carried out by Pierre & Vacances Conseil Immobilier with 300 real estate agents. Of these, 58% said they used social networks to promote their products. They believe that these networks are effective tools for the real estate sector. LinkedIn is the social network which is most used by real estate agencies. Facebook is in third position just after Viadeo. These tools are useful for developing a network, sharing information, getting information, or recruiting new clients.

The Evaco Group into the digital era

The Evaco Group is well known property developer in Mauritius. Since its creation, the group has invested heavily in new technologies to assert its assets and find new buyers. In the highly competitive real estate market, the use of new technologies is essential. The Evaco Group has been able to cater to the growing demand of connected customers.

A team composed of several experts is involved in the conceptualisation, realisation and promotion of villas, duplex or apartments. They develop communication strategies that include emailing campaigns and advertisements on social networks. The Evaco Group has also created multifunctional websites enabling the future buyers to visit the prestigious properties offered for sale through 360 ° photos. [The Hills, Athena] A 3D printed model of one of the villas, Evaco was unveiled at the last Salon de la Maison et du Jardin at SVICC, Pailles.