Residential complex: investing in real estate without all the hassle

It may be difficult to make the right choice when it comes to real estate investment. In fact, selecting the right product available on the market could be an unwieldy task.  Buying a house, a villa or an apartment requires a lot of time and effort. After all, a real estate investment is easily the biggest purchase many of us will ever make in our entire lives. That’s why, it is advised not to rush into it without any research or consideration to alternatives. However, a choice have to be made: either you choose to buy an individual property, or reach a compromise between a villa and an apartment by investing in a residential complex. High-end residential complexes are highly successful in the Mauritian real estate market, largely because of the quality of the products offered.


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Residential complexes are usually composed of several types of real estate products. In Europe, this concept is close to the condominium, a set of apartments under one roof owned by different individuals. Owners can use their villas or apartments as their primary or secondary residence. They can also rent them or put them on sale. For many people, buying a property in a residential complex is the perfect compromise between a house and an apartment, with the benefits of each.

Serene real estate investment

Buying a villa or an apartment in a secure residential complex eliminates many of the hassles that come with the property investment. Indeed, this type of real estate product allows you to enjoy peace of mind and more freedom. In addition, residential complexes often provide services to homeowners or tenants. For example, residents no longer have to worry about maintenance. The repairs are entrusted to specialized companies. Property developer who manage residential complexes ensure that buildings meet safety standards and provide facilities such as parking spaces and secure entrances.


An excellent quality/price ratio 

Access to residential complexes is no longer restricted to the wealthy. Thanks to the incentives introduced by the Mauritian government, it is now very profitable to invest in the real estate market. Benefiting from tax advantages, many promoters have pounced on this type of investment leading to the creating of several high-end real estate projects with an excellent quality / price ratio. They offer a range of products which are tailored to the needs of the buyers.

Investment schemes such as the Real Estate Scheme (RES), the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) and other schemes under the Property Development Scheme (PDS) encourage investment in the real estate. Built under the RES regime, residential complexes are accessible to Mauritians as well as to foreign nationals. The purchase of a RES property is often accompanied by several benefits including eligibility for a permanent residence permit for any purchase exceeding $ 500,000.

Complexes built in attractive destinations

Several residential complexes have been built in popular neighborhoods around the island such as Grand Baie, Pereybere and Trou aux Biches. Others have been built in areas that are promised a favorable development. For example, the center of the island, Highlands and surrounding areas. These locations are known for their high quality of life as there are shops, shopping centers, several local services and are served by public transit. Some neighborhoods are even located near major highways. Some real estate developers enhance the comfort of occupants by including amenities in their residential complex. This is the case of Evaco: a group that has several high-end residential complexes to his credit. Evaco builds facilities in the very heart of its real estate developments, such as a swimming pool, a terrace, a spa and a restaurant. Welcoming and warm, these spaces of life favor the meetings and the life in community.

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