Sales assistant – who are they, what do they do?

Anousha Rioux is a sales assistant. She endows support to the Evaco Property’s sales department. She juggles work for two or more reps, performing client management duties using innovative tools – work that requires not only great precision but also good powers of imagination.

In the business world, good communication is important for the daily operation of the company, but can also affect sales and profitability. In fact, without good business communication, the internal and external structure of a business can face numerous challenges. Communication is not just about marketing and advertising, it also involves listening to the customers and providing them with solutions tailored to their needs. Salespeople must have top-notch communication skills to thrive. Anousha Rioux is part of a team whose aim is optimize sales of real estate products conceptualised by the Evaco Group.

Anousha Rioux

Anousha’s adventure began at the Evaco’s stand at Super U shopping mall, Grand Baie. After 3 years in this position, Anousha Rioux was promoted to the company’s headquarters in Arsenal. She works for Evaco Property as a sales assistant. “I assist the sales staff and I follow up clients and manage appointments. My responsibility is to make sure that customers obtain relevant information about the different products offered by the group. I set up the commercial’s schedule, I update the statistics for a better follow-up by the directors“, explains Anousha.

“Working as a team allows team members to take more risks”

What are the qualities and skills required to work as a sales assistant? According to Anousha Rioux, sales assistants must work in a methodical and organized way. They must be able to follow all the steps related to sales. “It’s like following the steps of a recipe. The sale of real estate products requires the ability to adapt in order to meet customer expectations. The latters need more attention. If the salesperson fails to meet his goals. He will simply go elsewhere”, she says.

The sale of real estate products requires the ability to adapt in order to meet customer expectations

Team spirit: an important factor

Building team spirit within an organization initiates active cooperation among workers with the goal of increasing productivity. In fact, team spirit improves the ability of individuals to work together. “Working together lets employees build on the talents of their teammates. Tackling obstacles and creating notable work together makes team members feel fulfilled. Working toward achieving company goals allows us to feel connected to the company. Besides, teamwork gives us the opportunity to value our colleagues’ strength. During my professional career, I have learnt that working as a team allows team members to take more risks, as they have the support of the entire group to fall back on in case of failure”, says Anousha Rioux.