Salon de la Maison et du Jardin: a not-to-miss event

The month of October ends in a blaze of glory with the launching of the 2nd edition of “Salon de la Maison et du Jardin” for the year 2017. More than 50 000 visitors are expected for this edition which will be held from the 25 to 29th October. This real estate fair gathers under one roof more than a hundred of professionals. This much anticipated event was launched this Wednesday by Arnaud Mayer, CEO of the Evaco Group and President of the Association of Property Developers in Mauritius. The ceremony took place in the presence of the Vice President of the Republic of Mauritius, Barlen Vyapoory.

 Whether you’re a real estate professional, a new homeowner looking for some good deals, or simply keen on exploring the new trends, the “Salon de la Maison et du Jardin” held at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre (SVICC) from Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th October 2017 is the place to be. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover the Mauritian know-how in terms of construction and interior design. Faithful to the tradition acquired over its 26 years of existence, the “Salon de la Maison et du Jardin” promotes environmental standards and showcases “Made in Moris” products. Didier de Senneville, the director of the organizing committee underlines that this edition brings together 130 exhibitors under one roof. “We have noted that Mauritians attach great importance to their homes. That’s why the fair is so successful. We are putting forward new products and services that are offered at very competitive prices,” he explains.


 Arnaud Mayer, a key figure in the Mauritian real estate market, was present at the “Salon de la Maison et du Jardin” this Wednesday, October 25. He is the guest of honour of this 2nd edition 2017. “The show is an opportunity to discover what our country’s best practices in terms of construction and interior design. This is undoubtedly a not-to-miss event taking into consideration the fact that Mauritians attach great importance to housing. It is to be noted that nearly 90% of the Mauritian population are owners. The visitors of the fair mainly come for advice, assistance and are eager to discover the latest trends,” said Arnaud Mayer.   According to the CEO of Evaco Group, the “Salon de la Maison et du Jardin” is also an opportunity to display and showcase the expertise of the Mauritians. This event also reflects the vitality of the real estate sector, which is one of the key sectors of the Mauritian economy. “It should be noted that the real estate market employs thousands of individuals and is actually booming. In fact, the real estate market is becoming more diverse with innovative and personalized architecture. These elements demonstrate that Mauritians are on the lookout for the latest trends and new products, “he argues.

The urbanisation challenge

According to Arnaud Mayer, the expansion of the real estate sector cannot be done at the expense of our main assets. Quoting an article written by Riyad Dookhy, a lawyer and researcher at IRCM – France entitled “Territory: the urban planning of Mauritius as a policy of the future” published in Le Mauricien on July 15, 2011, the CEO of the Evaco group highlights the drawbacks of rapid urbanisation. “Lawlessness, the non-respect of building and environmental standards that still prevail in the real estate sector in Mauritius are facts that cannot be neglected. The overall situation indicates that, even as important progress is being made in this sector, much more needs to be done to be more effective. As Riyad Dookhy pointed out in his article, urbanization should not be carried out in a wild, crowded and inhospitable way. The latter was right when he said that property developers must put their knowledge together to prevent urbanisation chaos. ” The group Evaco is a reference in high-end real estate in Mauritius. According to its CEO, the group oversees the quality of its real estate products while ensuring that they integrate harmoniously with its environment. “Evaco designs comfortable living spaces adapted to the needs and expectations of Mauritians and foreign investors. We rely heavily on innovation,” he says.

A bit of history

The first “Salon de la Maison et du Jardin” was organized in 1991 at the Forum of Curepipe. This event marked the beginning of an unprecedented adventure. According to Didier de Senneville, the organizers were at that time facing many difficulties to gather under one roof the suppliers and the main actors of the real estate sector which was taking off timidly. The fair’s mission was to allow visitors to do good business while discovering the different products and services available to them. After the Forum of Curepipe, the “Salon de la Maison et du Jardin” was organized in Black River and Mer Rouge Freeport and then anchored at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Center (SVICC), a 2000 m2 site.