Young adults share their vision of the dream house

When we were younger, we all had unrealistic expectations of what our future house would look like. We all dreamt of a huge property where we would spend wonderful moments with our loved ones.  However, for some of us, these dreams came crashing down once we knew the actual property cost. Indeed, with the rising cost of living and the youth unemployment rate, owning the most beautiful house is another quixotic goal. All is not lost, however, as the Evaco group offers a wide range of villas at competitive prices.

From left to right: Liliane Schklartschik, Ludovic Froget, Schéhérazade Deedarun, Elvissen Adaken

Almost all young adults want to become homeowners. Many of them prefer to reimburse mortgage installments rather than pay rent. This statement is confirmed by Schéhérazade Deedarun, a 25-year-old professional. “Owning a home can give the homeowner a sense of pride and freedom. Another significant advantage of ownership is the sense of stability. The reason that drives my choice of buying a house is not having landlord or rent payments. I can maintain my house according to my wishes. It is always better to invest in a full ownership property rather than to spend all my savings in rent payment”, said the young woman.

Rent payments definitely impacts on personal budget. However, renting gives many people the opportunity to live in the house of their dream. Liliane Schklartschik, 27-year-old can relate to this. “I come from Paris. I always wanted to own a beautiful villa with direct access to the sea and large running areas for my dogs. In Mauritius, this dearest dream of mine has almost come true. I live not too far from the beach and I have enough space for my dogs. However, I have to pay rents which put a dent in my savings”, she stated.

Defining the dream home

According to a recent study, young people are great consumers of luxury goods. Infinity-edge swimming pool, private garden, modern design home, for young people the ideal home goes hand-in-hand with luxury. Elvissen Adaken, 31-year-old dreams of a modern and functional house. “For me, modern design is a crucial factor of the ideal house. A two-storey house with a spacious bedroom and functional areas such as a dressing room. Well-equipped external areas are important for leisure activities. A swimming pool and a private garden are icing on the cake”.

Clos du Littoral

Ludovic Froget, 34-year-old, defines the ideal house as a place where it feels good to live. “It must be a single storey property with rooms opening onto the terrace which goes around the house. I’m trying to be reasonable knowing that luxury requires a lot of money. The real estate market is not always accessible to young professionals”, explained the young man.

Smart Home, the era of digital technology

This is a fact that cannot be denied, technology forms part of our daily lives. A recent study by the National Purchase Diary (NPD) has demonstrated that young people are great fans of smart homes. According to the researchers, these young people would be more likely to install smart appliances in their homes. Home automation is the new craze. It is a smart fusion of sciences related to automation, computing, electronics and telecommunication. The system enables the owner to remotely control air conditioning, lighting, audiovisual and security equipment such as alarms and fire detectors.

Luxurious villas at competitive prices

In Mauritius, modern and ideally located properties are usually unaffordable. According to a market research carried out by the Evaco group, the availability of high-standard properties worth less than 13 million rupees is quite restricted, especially in the highly sought-after regions. To open up the high-end real estate market to young professionals, the Evaco group launched The Hills, a residential complex in Highlands.

This project is destined to Mauritians who are seeking a modern and functional villa at competitive prices. The Hills is set on a 20,000 m2 plot. Its location in the center of the island is a definite advantage. It provides a pleasant tropical climate throughout the year. The 51 villas of the residential complex offer high level of comfort.